Specific Location

Southern California most promising area in the nation for aquaculturePicture1
  • Mild climate allows year-round production
  • Favorable water temperatures vary little – between 12˚C and 22˚C (54˚F and 72˚F)
  • Sheltered from extreme weather – waves rarely exceed seven meters (23 feet)
  • Excellent variety of native and established species with high market value
Close to existing seafood industry infrastructure
  • Revitalize existing commercial fishing infrastructure
  • Existing seafood processing, distribution and transportation centers
  • Access to multiple, major market centers (local, regional and global)
  • Established market demand for high-quality products
Proposed site meets multiple requirements and avoids potential conflicts
  • In federal (exclusive economic zone) waters more than three miles offshore
    • Distant enough to be virtually invisible from land
    • Outside coastal zone to avoid conflicts with near-shore uses
  • Sandy bottom; no risk of disturbing kelp and/or hard-bottom habitats
  • Not in U.S. Navy or commercial shipping lanes
  • Not in existing commercial fishing area
  • Not in marine protected area
  • Deep water (average 300-foot depth) with optimal currents
Close to scientific partner
  • Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) headquarters in San Diego
    • Team to provide project assistance as needed
    • Scientific staff to provide environmental monitoring, related expertise
  • 4.5 miles offshore from San Diego
    • Travel time from shore to site estimated at less than 30 minutes

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