Yellowtail Jack

Common species in the project locationYT
  • Seriola dorsalis; aka: California yellowtail, yellowtail jack, amberjack, kingfish
  • Native to the California coast
    • Full range is throughout the Pacific
    • Sport and commercial fisheries from Point Conception to Mexico
  • More abundant and faster growing in warmer waters
Complements commercial fishery
  • Yellowtail sold as “Hamachi” is from Japanese fish farms
  • Local commercially fished yellowtail is not sold for sushi
  • Marketing for sushi will revitalize existing processing and distribution infrastructure
Proven market value, interest level and growth opportunity
  • Existing U.S. market for sushi-grade “Hamachi” is 50,000 metric tons (110 million pounds)
  • Proposed project will provide only 10%
  • Pre-processing value estimated at $12 per kilo
  • Initial volume of 1,000 metric tons (1 million kilos, or 2.2 million pounds) valued at $12 million
  • Ultimate volume of 5,000 metric tons valued at $60 million
RCF has long-standing, proven experience
  • Yellowtail has been cultured for 40 years
  • Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute has been culturing this species since 2003
  • San Diego has the only operational yellowtail jack hatchery in North America
  • Intensive culture system can produce 800,000 juveniles annually
  • Adults in environmentally controlled pools will provide eggs throughout the year

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