White Seabass

Native species in the project locationWSB_1
  • Atractoscion nobilis a.k.a. white seabass, white weakfish and corvina blanco
  • Native species off the California coast
  • Ranges from Magdalena Bay off Baja California to Juneau, Alaska
Complements commercial fishing
  • White seabass is important both commercially and recreationally
  • Commercially caught white seabass are large and supply a different market
  • Marketing will revitalize existing seafood processing and distribution infrastructure
Proven source for fingerlings assures steady supply
  • Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute rearing white seabass for three decades
  • Year-round production from existing brood fish assures a continual supply of juveniles
Proven market value, interest and growth opportunity
  • Pre-processing value estimated at $8 per kilo
  • Initial volume of 1,000 metric tons (1 million kilos, or 2.2 million pounds) valued at $8 million
  • Ultimate volume of 5,000 metric tons valued at $40 million
Scientific partner has long-standing, proven experience
  • Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute breeding species since 1984
  • Using wild caught brood stock and raising juveniles to market size

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