Modern Farmer: Will The Country’s Largest Fish Farm Actually Be Safe?


Rose Canyon Fisheries is planning to build what would be the country’s largest fish farm off the coast of San Diego. But just about everyone, from environmentalists to, now, the Navy and the city of San Diego itself, is worried about it. Is this farm safe?

First, a little background. Rose Canyon Fisheries is a collaboration between the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute (yeah, Sea World) and Cuna del Mar (a private equity firm)…go to article.

Notes on this article:
SeaWorld is not directly involved in the project in any way other than to be a supporter of HSWRI’s public-trust, scientific research mission.

The proposed farm will be the first located in Federal waters, but much larger near-shore fish farms are located in Washington and Maine, and even those are small in comparison to farms in different countries.  Farms in sheltered coastal areas off Chile are often 8 to 10 times larger than the farm proposed by Rose Canyon Fisheries.

The location is a function of avoiding interactions with other ocean users and finding the cleanest water in which to grow fish. 

Potential conflicts will be evaluated in the environmental review process.