Equities: Fish Farms Get Push to Correct Seafood Imbalance

Stephen L Kanaval |

For the first time in United States history, the Gulf of Mexico is now open for fish farming. The rest of the world is already well versed in fish farming and many countries are reaping the profits. According to papers written by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 90% of fish eaten in the U.S. come from a fish farm raised in foreign waters. The U.S. government has just realized that allowing fish farming in the Gulf would reduce our dependence on foreign imports and that means this industry could boom…go to article.

Notes on this article:
SeaWorld is not directly involved in the project in any way other than to be a supporter of HSWRI’s public-trust, scientific research mission.

Yellowtail jack is a native fish to the California coast. Farmed yellowtail from Japan is sold as “hamachi” in U.S. sushi restaurants, and the project looks to provide locally grown fish to help meet existing market demand.