Care 2: What You Don’t Know About Sea World’s Massive San Diego Fish Farm

By: s.e. smith February 21, 2016

If the brainchild of a private equity firm and Sea World sounds like your worst nightmare, I have bad news for you: You’re not dreaming. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute is joining forces with Cuna Del Mar in an attempt to install a massive fish farm, to be known as Rose Canyon Fisheries, off the coast of San Diego in California’s rich, complicated, diverse marine ecosystem…go to article.

Notes on this article:
SeaWorld is not directly involved in the project in any way other than to be a supporter of HSWRI’s public-trust, scientific research mission.

Yellowtail jack is a native fish to the California coast. Farmed yellowtail from Japan is sold as “hamachi” in U.S. sushi restaurants, and the project looks to provide locally grown fish to help meet existing market demand.

The risk of predation can be mitigated by 1) removing mortalities from the cages, 2) using anti-predator devices, and 3) having a comprehensive and responsive security program.  The project will use a combination of these measures