Month: February 2016

Bloomberg BNA: Proposed Ocean Fish Farm Spurs Debate on Regulation

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TED: Mike Velings “The Case for Fish Farming”

Care 2: What You Don’t Know About Sea World’s Massive San Diego Fish Farm

By: s.e. smith February 21, 2016 If the brainchild of a private equity firm and Sea World sounds like your worst nightmare, I have bad news for you: You’re not dreaming. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute is joining forces with Cuna

Modern Farmer: Will The Country’s Largest Fish Farm Actually Be Safe?

By Dan Nosowitz on February 16, 2016 Rose Canyon Fisheries is planning to build what would be the country’s largest fish farm off the coast of San Diego. But just about everyone, from environmentalists to, now, the Navy and the

Equities: Fish Farms Get Push to Correct Seafood Imbalance

Stephen L Kanaval | Thursday, 11 February 2016  For the first time in United States history, the Gulf of Mexico is now open for fish farming. The rest of the world is already well versed in fish farming and many

Voice of San Diego: Navy, Water Department Wary of Massive Fish Farm Project

Ry Rivard | February 8, 2016 The backers of a massive fish farm off the coast of San Diego are starting to get a sense of all the hurdles they’ll need to overcome to pull the project off. The city’s

Voice of San Diego: Breeding Program Has Been a Huge Boost to Wild White Seabass Population

Robert C. Fletcher | February 4, 2016 Voice of San Diego’s recent story about the Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program and its state-contracted operator, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, was mind-boggling in its misrepresentations. A piece that far off target is

Voice of San Diego: The Many Problems With the Proposed Fish Farm in San Diego

Matt O’Malley | February 3, 2016 If you’ve ever driven north on Interstate 5 and passed through the section with industrial feedlots for cattle, you know the smell. It’s unforgettable. Besides the obvious odor, though, there are serious environmental, animal