Month: January 2016

San Diego Reader: No fish farm in federal waters off O.B.!

By Dave Rice, Jan. 22, 2016 Water-quality advocates with San Diego Coastkeeper announced this week that the group is petitioning the federal Environmental Protection Agency to deny a discharge permit for the proposed Rose Canyon Aquaculture Project, which detractors say

Voice of San Diego: State Probing Experimental Hubbs Fish Breeding Program That’s Spawned Deformities, Mixed Results

Ry Rivard | January 19, 2016 The Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute is trying to build a massive fish farm off the San Diego coast, the most ambitious aquaculture project of its kind in the United States. The ocean farm could ultimately

CNN Money: Raw Ingredients

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TakePart: U.S. Government Opens the Door to Giant Offshore Fish Farms

 By Taylor Hill Jan 15, 2016 — Some 90 percent of the United States’ fish, crustaceans, and mollusks are imported, and a growing percentage of those catches are from overseas fish farms. Now, the federal government has a plan it hopes will

Mother Jones: The Feds Just Approved Offshore Fish Farming

By Maddie Oatman, Jan. 14, 2016 8:06 PM EST– If you eat seafood, you’ve likely swallowed some farmed fish: These days, the whale’s share of shrimp, tilapia, mussels, and increasingly salmon sold at American restaurants and seafood counters comes from the